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(a TECHSUMMARK.NET Article)  As anyone's guess within the risen day in which most anyone is set to also attempt to strive within, may already have it prepared or even pre-installed, that, whatever is to come their way within that particular day is also set to arrive at a rate of speed that's much, much too fast, no matter the time. When it comes to emails though, perhaps there's also an impending parallel, an imposing symptom, or a parading syndrome that's non-instrumental to awareness. Initially, a person is a bit aware, as well as subconsciously aware, of the speed at which a sender sends an email, which means very fast; even if it had taken the sender an entire week to write it in the first place. But for the receiver, as one who is also knowledgeable about, or at least aware of, the speed at which the email server sent the email, the receiver would more or less then be a candidate apt to assume that the sender is not only on a fast paced time schedule, but is even faster than the recipient. As though it was natural for the receiver to assume so, and without much given thought; if any at all.
When all along it was or is the email server that was or is arguably in a hurry. And it was not necessarily the sender that was or is in such a hurry. If this resonates with confusion, then noted is stress and the modern world. The consequence and the culprit?

True, it could be that the sender of the email is someone who is in a hurry, while also expecting an immediate response from the receiver. But it is the modern world, which is both the straw as well as the camel; though, with the receiver of the email crisscrossed between the two, and timely of course. If it's a vehicle of any type, which is accessible to any Earth imaginable modern world, could be applied within this particular scenario in terms of the result, 'broke, breaking, or broken'.

And whether it is an automobile, a horse drawn wagon or buggy of some shape and type, or just a log or rock wheeled man-powered cart of any significant size, and even if null as the true cause or not, as yet, fate too, would still have it to be that, likely, someone always gets runover by any of it, no matter what the comparable speeds are clocking in as. But in lieu of discovered potential within this particular modern world of today, it could even be by shoes.
While personally situated in a modern world of any time period, the stress of it is found, in having to always be on the lookout, and often subconsciously, for some freak approaching or encroaching encounterance. On the lookout for that wavering chance towards that single life, and while that same individual is also in hopes of avoiding such a scenario or more clearly that "true instance." But in duration, that individual attempts to maintain a presumptive professional business appeal or appearance. Remedially, the individual consistently attempts to impress as someone who is on top of whatever game is current as well as with savvy.
But yet, if someone is just plain inundated with emails on a daily basis, then that's an entry point as a topic toward discussions, too. So after all of that, what about an individual's own  personal emails as well as that date?  'No Shows!'  'No Discussions!'  'No Explanations!'  That's what! 
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