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Promo Cover for album SINGULAR  by The Piper Wit Limited Orchestra
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Techsummark Records and The Piper Wit Limited Orchestra within this year of 2017, have manged to complete, finalize, and then release, yet, another album, with a total of only four tracks this time and for this album 'SINGULAR'.  You can Click Here to get to the audio player page of the album or you can use the nearby Click to Play button on this page to get there.  Below, on this page, you also have the option to play individual tracks.  Whatever your choice please do enjoy the music of The Piper Wit Limited Orchestra album 'SINGULAR'.
TRACK 01 Notice and Wind  4 min 42 sec | PLAY
TRACK 02            Jest          7 min 28 sec | PLAY
TRACK 04 Next To Thought  7 min 39 sec | PLAY
TRACK 03           Grups        5 min 09 sec | PLAY

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