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WashBoard is a written for tv mini series endeavor, that doubles as a writing sample at this point.  A very brief outline of WashBoard was initially produced but was then followed by a produced expanded version of that brief.  And that was accomplished by taking the limited story information from the draft and then filling in all of the gaps with as much story logic as timely feasible, and at end having had given the story an extended form from beginning to end without having changed the story itself.  You can click here to reach WashBoard (story outlline) in both BEFORE and AFTER versions, or you can click directly below to get there.  WashBoard (story outline) is general and basic, but it occupies twenty pages of this website.
[ Recovery Audit, An Overview Of What It Takes ]  is an article that is in the Business - Money area.  The article can be reached here or by clicking the below link.  It is an 800+ word general but specific article.
[ Laps of E-Mails ] is an article  in the area of HOME - WORK - PERSONAL -- subject matters.  This particular article is one Techsummark Written article that is also posted on the Techsummark.net website in the Articles Section.  The article can be reached here or by clicking the link below.
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