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Taking place in this city of Chicago, during the early nineteen-hundred and thirties decade, awaits a young man who at his early stage of development has yet to be privileged enough to travel to the ideal magnet at the opposite end, and to which end suffices as his alone, and whatever that may be, as he really doesn't have any idea at this interval within his life; nor does he have any clear set goals in mind at this very early stage neither, and probably not in his neighborhood anyway. But when this fateful event does occur, his attraction to it will undoubtedly and most certainly gain momentum to then success as this young man already has the drive; the only thing worth a whole lot that he has been missing out on within the borough that has been his life is direction, but when by chance he does finally get it, it too will weigh as important in his life. Because that is just the type of guy he is, thoughtful, studious, and mindful.

But not a loving biological father could be of much help to this young man though, while he's unavoidably destined on route to joining his niche to full manhood, as this young man's father, behind, and for, whatever reason to do so, has always managed to remain poised in the shadows, and if not for the stench of smoke and alcohol that normally plumes and scents the air from his chosen corner and way, on any given day, one would barely know or notice, in the household within which he shares, that he is even a present member of it while he's in there. Similar to a next door neighbor who has always kept a rather copacetic disposition and low profile to which has neutrally led to an ongoing bearable relationship as far as not ever having any significant incidents, conflicts or major disagreements flare up as those which became evident behind any demands, stances, misdeeds, postures, or positions of theirs or their contact; but inclusively joined in sequence with that particular likeness, has typically also been his father's behavior and demeanor over and throughout the years; like the perfect candidate neighbor or neighbors, reserved, quiet, and ignored.
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