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Instead of a staunch dissatisfied attitude given by his father that would inevitably lead to arguments or rebellion, there has been a stupor quiet that often times lingers while all in that household have at times seemed to have been rather eager to break through and to then put aside, in making way for their readied nods along with their hello gesture, posture, or speech in acknowledgment of the others presence.

To include, there is no record player or radio at this stint of time afforded by this household. For rhythm and beat there has been the orchestrated guzzling of booze by the low-key father and husband of this family, and his choice to do so has never really been challenged, disputed, or disagreed with while he has been doing-so as ever-so joined in his act of doing-so he has also systematically done-so in the general presence of his immediate family, but it has habitually been overlooked by them.

The money this father has spent to buy the booze came from a hustle of some kind that he has had for quite some time, and that has been the best guess imagined in this household, because this often times intoxicated father certainly didn't have a regular job over the years.

A hustle of some type is something this inattentive father and husband has only maintained over the years, but his financial contributions to the household have usually been next to nothing.

Where he was getting the money to buy the booze as well as the smokes has never been fully unveiled for open family sharing about which means discussion, but it was also guessed by his family members that he has had a hustle with a bootleg outfit of some kind and in some capacity as well as at some lesser known locations to conduct, and to then perhaps unload bootleg trucks from time to time along with an extra long line of established credit that he managed to get with the bootleggers to then join his meager pay.
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