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No, the often times silent father and husband of this household and family has not been the bread winner; not by a long shot. But because of circumstance or simply by his own choosing or prerogative to do so, the husband and father of this family is not one who remains as an active member in it, and so in his stead of vacancy, festers elsewhere.

His mother, in contrast, took the lead as the main responsible figure of this family as well as her being the main bread winner of it for some time now. She had come to be known as the ironing lady around the area and neighborhood, because that was what she primarily did to earn the money that this family needed.

In time that changed though, because she found that she could make quite a bit more money washing clothes rather than ironing them. Not that she became to be known as the wash woman though, as she has also, over time, gained enough community respect not to be referred to as someone with a nickname such as that. His mother purchased most of the larger size equipment to do such a thing as washing clothes for other households in her area and outside of her area too.

With which included a heavy duty hand-crank wet clothes wringer. But she was taking a financial risk when she decided to do such a thing, by her preparatory equipment buying and all. Yet it all worked out, and she certainly has made much more money by her also having completely done-so to then her use of it all within her task of washing clothes for a living.

She has learnt something that normally she wouldn't have though, and she learned it by taking on customers who want their clothes washed. As she found that households, surprisingly women, at this recent time, rather prefer doing their own ironing as opposed to doing their own clothes washing. Perhaps ironing has been more like an idyllic housekeeping novelty to them.
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