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But of course, it is no big kept secret to her that, either is a lot of work; as she has and had been washing her immediate family's clothes for years as well as ironing them. She just hadn't taken up the washing of other family's clothes during the time when she was just doing ironing for them.

Well she washes them now. Her son has certainly seen the huge amount of work she regularly does now since she began washing clothes for others. She is also a smart shopper, as she bought a hand-crank water pump with which she can pump out the water from the huge tube for which she also purchased; but in addition to that, she purchased a heater to heat the water. The truly ideal item that she purchased though, was the humongous washboard; in which has been the centerpiece that makes her workable devise ever possible. Not only all of that, in terms of smarts, doing, and know-how, she is also a very easy person to get along with.

As a family they reside in an area that is rather decent, but the entire area that they live in still is no stranger to hard times.  But this struggling family, pretty much, has economically always been at a straggle behind most of the other families in the general area where they reside. Still, that economic fact never really has meant a whole lot to anyone around there. And her popularity as someone who would take on the task and burden of washing clothes for other families and individuals, in this stint of time, is likely positively quite attractive too in prospect of respect for a family such as hers.
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