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The newly elected congressman officially takes office in the year nineteen-hundred and forty. But while interviewing applicants in his task to finding an aide like he once was, he interviews a particular female applicant who he looks at with a look of his that he has only used one other time before, and that infatuated look was the first time that he saw the very building that he is now in as a congressman; as the building stood prominently in Washington, D.C. to him, and to his amazement.

It is no guess then what became of that initial interview of the female applicant by the newly elected congressman within likely reach of anyone's guess of how that interview turned out, along with any future of theirs together. So obviously there is no need to  elaborate. Get it?

Yes, this newly elected congressman was a bit overgrown with a late start when he first  started out on his journey of actively and intentionally seeking out his own intended way  in life, and a late bloomer too was he in the sense that he was still living at home with a  parent factor out-front at the time, as well as his getting help from a total stranger; yet it was difficult economic times in a tough town and the employment outlook was rather bleak as well, during it all. Nonetheless behind all of it, he still turned out to be a rather  impressive type of guy.  Might you agree?

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