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The aide takes a leave of absence, but it isn't very long, of course, before the congressman the aide works for knows exactly what he's doing as well as what he's up to. The aide can most certainly forget about that job from now on, and perhaps forget that he ever had it in the first place.

The aide's campaign takes off but it slowly comes into full view and swing. The former congressman who had been his mentor long before matters and the young man's interests had ventured out this far, has also been there for him and has been giving him as many pointers as likely he can from his angle. The aide's dedication, passion, sincerety, and drive helped spur the former congressman's eagerness to help and to get, be, and stay involved throughout the campaigning ordeal.

And behind all of the help and support he received, this one-time aide in Washington, D.C. did win, and he did unseat the congressman, and so it all amounted to an unbelievable feat; and his board confidants certainly had a hard time believing it too; one thing was for sure though, they weren't bored and not now anyhow. The one-time aide and now newly elected congressman's friend and one-time mentor was certainly obviously affected as well; but not in disbelief.

But while in preparation of taking on his newly elected position, role, and seat, the newly elected congressman receives some unwanted news; and that news informs him that his main confidant, friend, as well as mentor had another health bout; but with this one, the outcome of it was more bleak than ever. So now, forward, and from now on, it is clear that, the newly elected congressman is clearly to negotiate any upcoming matters on his very own.
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