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In concurrence with these back home visits of his, the aide finds that he is not completely happy with all that he has come to know in Washington, D.C. as Washington D.C has not been all to his suited liking and so much so when it involves politics and the major events around the world as well as the national issues and how they are addressed and how deeply he disapproves of how they are perceived and addressed. But this aide is also aware of reality and how things can constantly or abruptly go awry and beyond the control of anyone no matter what amount of positive effort and input is made, as well as when things just turn environmentally sour; behind which is insight due to his familiarity with chance, care of his hometown experiences.

But late in the nineteen-hundred and thirties decade, the aide decides that he has had enough, and has decided that he is going to win something different, something refined, something plausible, and something big; but he knows he's taking a big chance should he lose while he's having enough, of which includes his job; but this aide has decided to make a go at it anyhow and in anyway he can legally and legitimately do it, get it, claim it, or just take it.

He has decided to run for office as congressman and unseat the current congressman who he has worked for and under, for a number of years. This aide has already gained enough attention in some areas of public opinion by his ongoing return trips to his hometown as there joined with his inclination to speak in front of small crowds in sharing his take on things, within also makng a run for that office by him more like something feasible.

Well he's almost fully out-front now as far as talking is concerned in his recognition of what's potentially before him, because now he has got a lot to take if indeed he can take  it; but that is only if he should go forward with his plan and continue onward and then  finally, completely all of the way.
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