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When this aide first began making trips back home from Washington, D.C., he would go to most of the sunken spots where he and his board confidants used to hang out, and bets by him, on every occasion, have been that they are still somewhere nearby at least one of  those old hang-outs of theirs; and in his knowledge, as in the past, it never really made any difference what time of the year it was or what the season or even what the weather was on any given day, as likely still it would be possible to find them not very far away from one of those old hang-outs of theirs.

Even though his board confidants' families always had more money than his family when they were kids, they all still hung out together. But in the present social environment and in the current economic condition settings these are very hard times for practically anyone and everyone, and especially for significant numbers of ordinary citizens.

With jobs being scarce, he always guesses, during his visits in his hometown, that his board confidant buddies can easily be found somewhere around one of those old familiar hang-outs of theirs, just like old times. During the aide's earlier trips back to his  hometown and then to somehow be in the company of his old friends, the aide would low-key talk about the things he had been doing in Washington, D.C., as well as share low-key stories about the insides of Washington D.C.

But gradually that began to change. As with each trip that he made back to his hometown he would get louder, and louder, and then even louder each time. But joined in response to that escalating delivery, his confidants would even go out and round up people to listen to him. And although it took some time to do so, in beating the odds of the seemingly impossible, the aide actually began drawing rather sizable crowds each time he would visit and speak. And each additional time he would visit his hometown, in follow of that unlikely feat, it became ever more likely a crowd event.
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