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Besides he sends monies home to his mother; plus inherently, he wouldn't even want anyone to know about whatever knowledge he has been able to independently gain anyhow. When it comes to work in Washington, D.C., this aide simply concentrates on his work, the work at hand, and whatever legitimate obligations he has there in Washington, D.C. to abide, honor, and obey.

The spot where he readily releases his take on things and really opens up though is during his return trips to Chicago, his hometown, where he orates practically all of his feelings in the presence and company of his once mentor, but who is now his close friend the former congressman.

This aide has a significant amount to say about Washington, D.C. too, from the tippet top and then right on down to the steadfast bottom, as well as his opinions about world affairs and current events. Another place in his hometown where he has expressed his views, has been in the company of his board confidants; they've been listening to his different beat and style for some time now--as since they were kids; as he was always uniquely a bit different than they were at that time. But the fact that his family was always situated to the extent of being just a bit poorer than any of their families, didn't really have any impact on their relationship with him at all; at which time meant, not even in duration with those outspoken moments of his.

He often chose to stand with an erect posture while they sat or something, as strangely that was always included somehow; but maybe fate had a manned role in that. And then he would speak while they just sat quietly and listened and looked at him while he had his say, as though they were some sort of formal board or something; or maybe they were just bored. Who knows?  Or who even cared at that time?
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WashBoard (story outline)  [After exspansive ReWrite]
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