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He has certainly recognized that he feels that he has to keep-up in any way he can afford to do so. He too realizes that he did not arrive in Washington, D.C. from the best of the  privileged class or any pomp sheer circumstance; and not by a long shot. Previously, for most of his life, he had been formally privy to not much more than something not even worth mentioning or remembering, and as far as money: What's that?

But at least he is educated now, and educated enough to take notice that he is now in  Washington, D.C., and so with his taking notice he has almost come to the full realization that likely even long-lasting honeymoons don't last. And just a shy distance away in meeting up with his next nod agreement is that, all manner and toll is either in complete disarray or just plain crooked.

It has gotten to the point where he even has questions about his boss, the congressman whom he works for as an aide. Virtually in secret he's taken in a lot, but often times it is a lot of what he doesn't even want. So he's no spy after all, he has happily assured himself.

Throughout the next few years that this aide spends in Washington, D.C., he refrains from positioning himself in confrontation with any other body in any prodding, questioning, aggressive inquiring or in any seemly protesting stance of his, and likewise his display of contempt for that with which he disagrees or even suspects are marked as his refrains as well; as he is not paid in that capacity is his adopted posture; and although he only plays a very small role in Washington, D.C., he still considers himself to be a true professional.
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