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It is now the year nineteen-hundred and thirty-six, and it has been a year and a half since he graduated from the school his mother so unselfishly paid for as for him to graduate, and so he did graduate in the year nineteen-hundred and thirty-four. He was given an interview for his current job of aide right after he had graduated from school, just like the former congressman had promised; and then he shared all of his long goodbyes with all he knew, and finally he then moved to Washington, D.C. in the year nineteen-hundred and thirty-five.  This aide has been on the job working for his new boss, the prominent Washington, D.C. congressman, for almost a full year up to this point.

But yet, with all of the uplifting that he has received, he sometimes feels as though what  he actually amounts to while on the Washington scene and while on his job is a snoop or worse a spy. He doesn't mean to do so of course, it kind of just happens; like, impulsively so. And he has guessed that he knows why. He's been feeling like he is pretty much at the back-end of things such as his new class participation, to which has come into view as a part of the upper classes to him.

And it is also his guess that just having an education and fantastic grades, only means so much in certain circles; and probably in a circle just like the one he is now in. So, he impulsively feels to grab up as much information and knowledge about everything and  anything, to which so far includes gossip about anyone. He somehow finds a way, or maybe it's  just a talent, to catch a lot of the chit chat that floats airborne his way. The thing is, he often times finds himself actually at a stage to consider seriously referencing that blab.
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