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And on this special day while both of them are taking one of their usual strolls in the park together, the former congressman informs the aspiring young man that, a couple of weeks ago prior to this day, he contacted a well known congressman of the state who is a  congressman in Washington, D.C. The former congressman continues by telling the young man that, he is sure that he has helped the young man to land a job as an aide to the well  known congressman; but the former congressman also lets the young man know that he will have to interview with the Washington, D.C. congressman once he has graduated from school.  And behind that bit of inspiring news from the former congressman, the aspiring young man can barely contain his excitement.

And with all of that excitement presently behind him, the young man's current efforts come with pay because now he is a young Washington, D.C. aide to a prominent congressman, and so too this young aide is also quickly turning into a full grown man.

But this one did graduate from his school, and this one did get through the savvy  congressman's job interview, and this one did face all of the uncertainty about something  so new and someplace so different as somewhere for him somehow; but in addition to that, this one had well prepared himself ahead of time for at least most of what is now to his experience and well ahead of time before his big move to Washington, D.C., within his arrival to it.

Yet that's not all, because he left the city of Chicago, his mother, and his dear friend and mentor the former congressman, as well as his board of confidants; and still all are as well as anyone could expect in this most difficult of times.
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