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Gradually, as over time, the former congressman gains more and more confidence in the  aspiring young man, as he convincingly becomes more certain than ever as time goes by that this young man who he has been mentoring is someone who will and can succeed in the workplace of his chosen field of study; that is, once he has graduated of course.

Because so far, the young man's grades are near to perfect; and in addition to that, the young man seems to retain information quite well; as this is also something that the former congressman has observed about him.

It is very near to graduation day at the school for the young man at this point in time though, and it has been a challenging two years of studies for him. But in contrast, it has  been an enlightening two years for the former congressman.

Often beneficial for them both is when the young man and the former congressman choose to walk through the city park together and talk, or when both of them just choose to sit on a park bench in the city park and talk; and this day is no different. But on this day, the former congressman has decided to help the aspiring young man who he mentors in an even bigger way, as the former congressman has already, within days ahead of the time of this meeting and talk of theirs, took some of his own time and effort to then have a big surprise ready for the young man and to also give the young man that great surprise this conveniently shared day by them as well.
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