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With no intention whatsoever in the world to do so, as well as with having no aspirations at all towards anything like achievements, attainments, or goals in life, a bit overgrown young man with the financial backing of his mother, who independently washes clothes for a living with a washboard, along with some mentoring from a financially strapped ailing former Washington, D.C. congressman, who the young man meets in a city park, but then joined with some assist from his not-so-long-ago hang-out street buddies that still hang-out, becomes a congressman's aide, and then finally an elected congressman. While even surprising himself, just a bit, the young man actually unseats the Washington, D.C. congressman that he had been working for as an aide. Taking over the Washington, D.C. congressman's office by campaigning and then defeating him at election time was this young man's feat. But with it all taking place and occurring in the nineteen-hundred and thirties decade in Chicago as well as in Washington, D.C., which are the cities where the stages of story development takes place and where the story doubly unfolds.

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