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As the former congressman is an aged man and is one who is ailing with medical conditions as well; but inclusively he is virtually penniless, as his health conditions have consumed a large and steady flow of any savings and retirement monies that are his or have come  his way; still that doesn't diminish the fact that he remains a prominent and well regarded and respected former congressman who once had a lot of clout in Washington, D.C., and he continues to have a number of high profile friends in the political arena who have high praise and regard for the former congressman.

The former congressman becomes the fill in of the educational gaps of which are common for a young man who has been accustomed to a stagnant economic experience.

After listening to a half dozen or so stories told by the former congressman, to the young man, about which have been the ins and outs of politics as well as Washington, D.C., the young man becomes ever more interested and intrigued as someone who wants to know of more or to learn of even more. The former congressman can sense that the young man has a sincere interest in the former congressman's experiences along with all of his shared insight into politics as well as how Washington, D.C. functions and operates.

As a congressman, the aged former congressman's experience spans from two years before WW1 forward and right through most of the the nineteen-hundred and twenties decade with his political career ending just shy of nineteen-hundred and twenty-nine. A treasure trow of events within that time span and with himself as a congressman as well as a savvy politician who was always actively present to fulfill, and successfully did.
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