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The former congressman and the young man become rather attached to one another and in short time regularly meet at the city park where they first met, to then occasionally take short walks within the park together while talking, and to yet very long sit downs on a park bench where the aged former congressman often shares his stories and insight with the young man. It is not very long at all, as responsibly due to those meetings as well as the stories of the aged congressman and the personal situation shared by the young man, that, the subject matter turns from what has been experienced to what is next in terms of experiences.

The ailing former congressman has no monetary assistance that he can offer the young man who they both learn is really quite interested to attain more formal education to improve on the limited education that he has achieved thus far. But instead, the former congressman can offer the young man two other things and one of those two things is knowledge as the young man's mentor; the other thing that the former congressman can offer the young man is information. As in this year of nineteen-hundred and thirty-two, there is a small school in which specializes in political studies along with general education preparedness studies.

The former congressman tells the young man about this school, while also informing him that the educational offer and opportunity of the small school comes with a small financial cost.

But added, the former congressman tells the young man that he can be the young man's  reference if he likes because he will certainly need one to get enrolled in that school,  though he will have to come up with the tuition cost himself. The former congressman also lets the young man know that, the full tuition cost does not have to be paid all at once;  but instead can be paid in installments.
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