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Financially, the young man has mainly one outlet and option, and that is his mother; as she has taken on the responsibility over the years of providing for the family that includes him.

But with a raging depression now in full swing while simultaneously it is causing an  escalation in unemployment, and with a father who has recently slid out the back door along with his unconventional credit line, money is tight and nerves are likely to be on edge everywhere as well as anywhere businesses are located of which most of them may not have enough trust left in them to trust any credit promises. Meaning that cash money has become a must have and a keepsake.

His mother has gained a much larger influx of customers though, since she switched from ironing with her heavy duty iron to washing with her very large washboard. And in  consequence of her new success and his still living at home with her, the young man has  also seen the amount of customers his mother has gained as well as the increased workload she has been doing since getting her gigantic washboard, and to view that often of late doesn't make him feel so great. So now the aspiring young man knows almost first hand that people rather prefer not to have the chore of washing their own clothes or so it seems that way; but his  mother knows that better than he, meaning first hand knowledge and contact as well as the experience.

The young man informs the former congressman about his immediate financial dilemma and his home situation, but after they talk about it for awhile, the young man gains enough confidence to ask his mother for the ongoing monetary school tuition installments payments.
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